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Vocation comes from the Latin, "vocare," which means “to call". There are traditionally three senses of a vocation:

On this page, you will find videos that may inspire you to discern which state of life our Lord is inviting you to enter for your sanctification, the sanctification of the world, and most importantly for the Glory of God!


Published on Jan 6, 2015, I Will Follow, is a powerful 10 minute film by Ascension Press featuring the testimonies of Fr. Mike Schmitz and Fr. Josh Johnson and their journey to the priesthood. I Will Follow is taken from the study, Altaration: The Mystery of the Mass Revealed.


Published on Mar 5, 2014

People of every generation and of every culture have understood that the marriage between a man and a woman is the central pro-child social institution and the rock of the natural family. The union of husband and wife is the awesome call to participate with God in the incredible adventure of creating a new human being, welcoming that child into the world, and forming him or her on the cornerstone of marriage.


Religious Life

Published on Jul 20, 2015

Official trailer to the upcoming film about Catholic women choosing Religious Life. For Love Alone follows religious sisters across the United States and emphasizes the risks and the rewards of giving everything to God.

+For more information, see Council of Major Superiors of Women Religious