Recognizing Jesus & Reverencing Him

The Eucharist

In the Sacred Scriptures, the author of the Acts of the Apostles asserts that “The inhabitants of Jerusalem and their leaders failed to recognize Jesus.”

I think sometimes we have this idea that the people of Jesus’ time had it so much better than all of us. In our time we have Jesus Christ present to us substantially in the Eucharist, Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity.

But He has the appearance of bread and wine, he looks like bread and wine, he tastes like bread and wine.

It would be so much easier if He had the matter of human flesh and human blood, if He did then maybe more people would come to Mass and Adoration.

But the reality is, many people during the time of Jesus did not recognize Him as God. If they did recognize Him as God then they would not have called Him a blasphemer, they would not have mocked Him, spit upon Him, torture Him, and Crucify Him.

The response of those who do not recognize Jesus Christ in the Scriptures is indifference, irreverence, or down right hatred. And how did Jesus emotionally feel about the attitudes of the many He came to save who didn’t care? He sweat blood in the Agony of the Garden (Luke 22:44).

Many people then and many people today, did not and do not recognize Jesus as He was and is.
But many of us do in fact recognize Jesus.

So what is the response of those of us who do recognize Jesus? Do we treat Him like the Person He is, or because He doesn’t look like the kind of God we want Him to look like, do we ignore Him or reluctantly spend time with Him.

Do we share our hearts with Him and listen quietly to His heart as He shares it with us in the Living Word, the Sacred Scriptures? Or do we come before His presence in the Eucharist and open up a random book that we find more exciting than the Words He has already given us in the Scriptures.

Do we worship and adore Him when we kneel before Him at Mass and in Adoration, filling our thoughts with Him? Or do we only think of ourselves, our lives, our friends, our relationships, our stuff more than we think of Him?

This is our God. If we recognize Him to be our God, then I would like to invite you, my beautiful sons and daughters to beg God for His grace to treat Him with the reverence and love that He deserves in the Blessed Sacrament, the Eucharist and the Sacred Scriptures.

Because the fruit of Recognizing and Reverencing Him in His Scriptures and Eucharist is Recognizing and Reverencing Him in His people… And don’t we all just long to be recognized and reverenced for who we are… the Body of Jesus

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Father Josh

Father Josh Johnson is a priest for the Diocese of Baton Rouge.

7 thoughts on “Recognizing Jesus & Reverencing Him”

  1. Thank you for this…I will certainly use it in my evening prayers. The company of others in prayer is comforting and welcome. The documented efforts as an aid are much appreciated.

  2. What a great idea Fr. Josh. I ask that you visit my website and see what I have devoted my life to do. What is not mentioned on the website is that I am a volunteer for The Hospice Of Baton Rouge. I am assigned to the “Pet Peace of Mind Program”. Any patient that comes to us has less than 6 months to live. Some of them have pets that are dear to their heart that they worry about. So I am there for them to help their transition to God and ease their mind about their beloved pets. I bring the pets food if the patient is home bound and chooses to be home. I get them to the vets to make sure the animal has all it’s needs met. And if our patient has no person to leave their pet with I will find the pet a loving home. Plus I have two therapy dogs. My dog Lacie and I go every other Thursday night for 6-8pm to visit the dying at the Butterfly Wing at the Mid City Baton Rouge Hospital on Florida. But the Butterfly Wing is owned by the Hospice. Lacie and I are there for the patients and their families as well. They are the ones suffering the most because they will be left behind in the end. Lacie and I will say the Our Father with the patients and their families and then I anoint them with Blessed Holy Oil. Plus any patient that is all alone at the end of their life Lacie and I will sit with them and I will let them know we are there and will be staying with them. One doctor told me Lacie was the best medicine any of our patients could have. If the patient is nearing death she lays very gently next to them. I spend my whole month administering to the poor, forlorn, sick, dying and addicted patients. I do it because my whole life God has loved me even when I was unlovable. So please visit my website and read my mission statement and view the the photo gallery and click on the picture for the slide show. Blessings and God’s love Fr. Pattie Kelly

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