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Night Prayer

Night Prayer

The Liturgy of the Hours is the Prayer of the Church with Christ and to Christ. We are invited by Christ to pray the Psalms at fixed times in order to sanctify the entire day for the whole world. The Psalms that we pray contain many sentiments of the human heart, including joy, repentance, sorrow, gratitude, longing, praise, and much more. On one level, they are the words of King David and the People of Israel. On another level, they are the prayers of Jesus Christ who throughout Scriptures recited the Psalms. So when we, the Church, pray the Psalms, we are uniting our voices with Jesus, and interceding on behalf of the Church for the sanctification of people all over the world who are experiencing sentiments of loneliness, joy, sorrow, gratitude, etc. Reflecting on the Psalms with Dr. Tom Neal, the Trappist monk Fr. Basil once shared: "We are invited to beg the Spirit to allow us to see, hear, say, groan, whisper, and sing the words of the Psalms the way Jesus did."


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